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$50 Website Audit by Carl Neumann

Gain valuable insights ROI potential understanding conversion potential wisdom into your website's user experience from my website audit.

A website audit has to be manually done by a human, not a machine.

Why? Because humans use them.

Hi, I’m Carl Neumann.

I am a carer designer with extensive experience in marketing and designing digital products, so they are easy to use and look great. I have designed websites and applications for over fifteen years with small businesses and mega-corporations.

I use best practices for user experience design (UX) and user interface design (UI). I also design and develop WordPress websites.

In the ever-evolving digital landscape, a captivating and user-friendly website is the cornerstone of success for any business or individual. I understand the significance of a well-designed online presence, and I am thrilled to offer my meticulous Website Design Analysis Service at an incredibly affordable price of just $50.

With my website audit service, you will receive an in-depth evaluation of your website’s design, layout, user experience, page speed, SEO, optimisation, content, calls to action, and more. As a seasoned expert, I will delve into every aspect of your website to provide you with a comprehensive document outlining actionable improvement recommendations.

Imagine your website looking amazing, loading fast and converting leads or sales like never before.

The Benefits of Getting a Website Audit:

A Thorough Examination

I will meticulously scrutinise every element of your website, leaving no stone unturned. I will identify areas that could benefit from visual aesthetics to functionality enhancement.

A User-Centric Approach

User experience (UX) is paramount in retaining visitors and converting them into loyal customers. I will assess your website’s navigation, responsiveness, and overall usability, ensuring visitors have an enjoyable and seamless journey.

Performance Enhancements

Slow-loading websites can drive away potential customers. My analysis will include a thorough assessment of your website’s page speed and identifying opportunities for optimization to ensure swift and smooth loading times.

A SEO friendly website

A stunning website is useless if it doesn’t reach its intended audience. I will evaluate your website’s search engine optimization (SEO) strategies, offering insights into keywords, meta tags, and other essential factors to enhance your search engine visibility.

Compelling Content and CTAs

Engaging content and persuasive calls to action (CTAs) drive conversions. I will review your website’s content, providing suggestions to make it more compelling and convincing.

get Personalised Recommendations

Your website is unique, and so are my recommendations. I tailor my advice to align with your specific goals and target audience, ensuring that my insights are actionable and relevant.

It is Cost-Effective

For just $50, you receive an all-encompassing analysis that would typically cost significantly more. I believe in providing top-tier services without breaking the bank.

Future-ready Guidance

The digital landscape is ever-changing. My analysis addresses current concerns and guides future scalability and improvements.

Discover flaws and boost your website's performance with a professional website audit.

24-48 Hour Turnaround

Get Your Website Audited Today!

Learn how you could transform your website into a compelling digital powerhouse with my Website Design Analysis Service. My affordable and meticulous approach ensures you receive tangible and practical recommendations to elevate your online presence. Don’t miss the opportunity to enhance your design, boost user experience, and maximize your website’s potential.

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Uncover the untapped potential of your website and optimize for maximum conversions.

Frequently Asked Questions

My Website Design Analysis Service is a detailed evaluation of your website's design, layout, user experience, SEO, page speed, content, calls to action, and more. I provide actionable recommendations to enhance your website's performance and user engagement.

This analysis is designed to pinpoint areas for improvement in your website's design and functionality. By implementing the suggested enhancements, you can create a more visually appealing, user-friendly, and efficient online platform that attracts and retains visitors.
The duration of the analysis depends on the complexity of your website. Typically, it takes a few business days to thoroughly examine your site and provide you with a comprehensive document containing recommendations.
Absolutely! I tailor my recommendations to suit your specific goals, target audience, and industry. Each website is distinct, and my insights are customized to address your site's individual requirements.
I evaluate various aspects of your website's UX, including navigation, responsiveness, ease of use, and overall user journey. By identifying areas where users might encounter difficulties, I can suggest ways to improve their interaction with your site.
I conduct a thorough analysis of your website's search engine optimization (SEO) practices, examining factors such as keywords, meta tags, and content optimization. Additionally, I assess your website's page speed to ensure that it loads quickly and efficiently for a seamless user experience.
I review your website's content to ensure it is engaging, informative, and aligned with your brand messaging. Regarding CTAs, I provide insights on their placement, wording, and design to encourage user interaction and conversion.
My recommendations are based on extensive industry knowledge and best practices. While the ultimate impact can vary depending on the implementation, my insights are aimed at enhancing your website's overall performance and user engagement.
Yes, the $50 fee covers the entire Website Design Analysis Service. There are no hidden costs or recurring charges associated with this service.

To get started, contact me to express your interest or click ORDER NOW. You'll hear from me within 12 hours and will have the report within 24-48 hours.


In The Report

Only $50

After clicking “Order Now”, you’ll be instructed to enter your website’s address, basic contact details and pay $50. You’ll hear from me within 12 hours.